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The DeMille Family

I was 10 days post-partum with our new baby girl Lara when my husband, Dave, and I found out she was diagnosed with collapsed lungs. We had 3 young children at home and I was very emotional after just giving birth – it was a difficult time for all of us. Dave and I were scared for our daughter and worried about how to continue to provide care to our other three children.

When our family arrived at McMaster Children’s Hospital, nearly a 3-hour drive from our hometown in Belleville, we were met by the Hospital social worker. That’s when we were referred to RMHC SCO. 
RMHC welcomed us in, our output was minimal, we were provided a very comfortable room, meals, laundry, and activities for our other children all within walking distance from McMaster. The House allowed us to support and be with our infant daughter. Stressors such as time & distance from home, and financial burdens were eliminated by RMHC SCO and the support we received from them will never be forgotten.

Some of my favourite memories from staying at RMHC SCO are: my three young children being able to explore and enjoy the themed children’s spaces in the House. Being treated with respect and zero judgement by ALL staff & volunteers, every day. And the delicious meals!

My family and I celebrate Christmas at RMHC SCO. This was a difficult time to spend away from home, but the staff and volunteers were still able to make the day a magical one. My children were brought to a toy room where they could pick out their own Christmas present. 

Staying at RMHC made caring for our sick daughter so much easier than initially anticipated. We were provided a comfortable room for my family of five and meal support all within walking distance from my daughter.  When I learned the support was made possible through donations my heart melted - I was moved to think that all the support we received was made possible through the generosity of donors and fundraisers! I immediately signed-up as a monthly donor to support other families in need. We have now been donating to RMHC SCO for 8 years; the support we were greeted with will never be forgotten and we are humbled to be able to support other families staying the House.

Participating in the Pay it Forward for Families FUNdraiser means, quite literally, being able to pay it forward from my family to yours.  My family has been donating to RMHC SCO since my daughter’s discharge, this year my daughter who is full of life, turns 9 years old. 

Thank you RMHC SCO

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