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The Shettigar Family

I was devastated when I received the news that my child was seriously ill and needed treatment far from home. Panic and fear overwhelmed me as thousands of thoughts ran through my head. I didn't know what to do, and I felt scared and lost, asking myself, "What's next? Why us?"

My child was about to be transferred to a different ward for further treatment, and I couldn't stay with her. The hospital was nearly two hours away from our home, making commuting back and forth impossible. It was a tough situation, and I didn't know where to turn. But then, a social worker at the hospital suggested Ronald McDonald House Charities South Central Ontario (RMHC SCO). I had never heard of it before, but I knew it was a chance to stay close to my daughter. I couldn't thank the social worker enough for the suggestion - the stress and worry about my daughter's well-being were immense at that time.

The thought of not being able to stay at Ronald McDonald House was unimaginable - I couldn't afford the costly hotels near the hospital, and being far away from my child during her treatment would have been heart-wrenching. But at the House, I not only found affordable accommodation but also a home-like atmosphere. The lovely hot meals served with love made me feel at home, and the room had everything we needed during our difficult time. It truly felt like a blessing to have such a wonderful stay.

If I hadn't stayed at RMHC SCO, I would have had to travel nearly two hours each way, and being away from my child during her treatment would have been unbearable. It was a relief to be able to stay close to her, providing the support she needed.

Staying at RMHC SCO was a tremendous support and help for me and my family. The comfort and care from the staff made me feel at ease, and I can't express how grateful I am for the hospitality we received throughout our entire stay.

One of my favorite memories from RMHC SCO was sinking into the massage chairs. It was a moment of relaxation amidst the stressful days. I also cherish the memory of my child visiting my room and seeing how happy she was to be away from the hospital environment.

In June, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a Father's Day gift outside our room. It was a kind gesture that melted our hearts, and we couldn't thank the staff and volunteers enough for making our stay so wonderful.

Fundraisers and donations to RMHC SCO mean a lot to me. The staff and volunteers do a wonderful job, and I truly believe in supporting their cause. I encourage others to support them as well. Even a small amount can make a difference.

To the incredible staff at RMHC SCO, you are amazing, supportive, generous, caring, and wonderful people. Your warm welcome meant the world to us during our difficult times, and the warm hugs from your staff were heartfelt gestures that filled our hearts with gratitude and appreciation.

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