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The Tice Family

When my husband and I learned that I needed to deliver our baby, Oaklyn, at the children’s hospital over an hour from our home, we became worried.

Soon after we learned that immediately following her birth, Oaklyn would be admitted to the NICU and need emergency surgery. That’s when we became terrified. 

My first question was “How would I be able to stay close to her?”

We lived an hour away in West Lincoln – it wouldn’t have been feasible for us to travel back and forth to the hospital each day. Thankfully, we were referred to stay at RMHC South Central Ontario. 
I’ve heard of the House through McDonalds advertising and fundraising. What’s more is, my parents actually stayed at the House when I was a kid and needed surgery. RMHC South Central Ontario has now served multiple generations of my family.

When we weren’t at the House but with Oaklyn in the hospital, the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms came to the rescue. We were able to get a coffee, a snack, or just take a break from the NICU while still being close to Oaklyn in case of emergency.

My husband and I, along with our first daughter, Eleanor who was 2 years old at the time, celebrated both Christmas and New Year’s Eve at the House.  Celebrating at the House felt special because of all the work the staff and volunteers did to make it beautiful. There was an event to countdown turning on the Christmas lights, and the inside of the House was immaculately decorated and festive. They even put-out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve!

Eleanor felt the magic of the House during the holidays – we are grateful that she felt so happy and comfortable even though we weren’t at home.

Fundraisers and donations to RMHC SCO help to make the magic happen and we are forever grateful. The staff and volunteers at both the House and Family Rooms are amazing – their kindness and empathy make you feel like family! We felt so cared for at RMHC SCO and we are thankful for their support.

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