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Fundraising Toolkit

Every year, our incredible community of previous families, fundraisers, donors and supporters help to raise awareness and funds for our families through our Footsteps for Families Event. Ready to help us help? We have all of the tools you need to get started fundraising! 

With our collection of resources, graphics, tips and templates, you'll reach your fundraising goal in no time! Below, you will find everything from logos, to customized posts for your social platforms and top fundraising ideas.

Fundraising Tips & Ideas to Get Started

not sure how to fundraise? BACk by popular demand, our a-z easy fundraising ideas will get you thinking about ways you can fundraise to make the biggest impact for RMHCSCO families!

  • Arts and Craft Sale - Make some crafts like holiday decor, cards, etc. Sell them to your friends, family, and neighbours.
  • Bake Sale - Bake some goodies with your Team and sell to your friends, family and neighbours!
  • BBQ - Warmer weather calls for firing up the Q! Host a bbq for your neighbours in exchange for donations to your team.
  • Bottle Drive - Help your neighbours clean out their garages by hosting a community wide bottle drive in support of RMHCSCO. 
  • Car Wash - This one always works because who doesn't love a shiny car? Set up a car wash station on your driveway or in your community to raise funds for your team!
  • Host a Fundraiser Dinner Party - Invite friends or family over for a special dinner party. Price of admission? A donation to the House!
  • Garage Sale - Hello spring cleaning! Use your garage, driveway, shed, or even your car to display your wares. 
  • Lemonade stand - When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and help keep families close!
  • Litter Picking - People will pay big bucks if you're cleaning up a backyard, local park, beach or kids' playground, especially if they know the money is to support families from your community when they have to travel for the medical care they need. 
  • Movie Night - A fan favourite at the House. Provide drink and snack packs in exchange for a donation and encourage your friends and family to snuggle up and watch their favourite movie.
  • Neighbourhood Cleanup - It's the perfect time of year to offer to tidy yards, spruce up gardens, or do a community cleanup. Ask neighbours and friends to sponsor your activities for RMHCSCO!

need some more inspiration?

see how some of our previous Fundraisers have done!


Excited to be fundraising for our 5th year! Some of our most successful events have included bake sales, selling movie night baskets, and bottle drives. This year we will be doing some of our favourites, and have some new and exciting plans to start some new fundraisers – perhaps a community bbq, lemonade stand, or car wash! We are so excited to invite our friends and family to join us throughout our fundraising – and excited to engage with our community again, too!




Ronald McDonald House quickly became our home-away-from-home when our new baby was sick and needed to stay in the hospital for 180 days. Staying at the House kept us close to both our new baby and our toddler Zak, and truly helped us stay together as a family. Zak was provided a safe space to play, to grow and to be a kid, all while his sister was getting strong enough to go home. We are so excited to fundraise for Families for the second year, and give back to the place that supported us during the most stressful time of our lives. We are excited to engage our children in our fundraising activities – we plan on having a lemonade stand, selling goodie bags of treats and selling some of the kids' artwork. 

Team Selena's Warriors



We are thrilled to be fundraising for Families! We stayed at RMHCSCO in 2016 as our son, Wesley, was being cared for at McMaster Children’s Hospital’s NICU. RMHCSCO provided us with a place to rest, home-cooked meals, endless support and time to focus on each other when our world had turned completely upside down. We are fundraising to support all of the families whose children are being cared for and treated at local hospitals.  we have had success doing bottle drives and sending out notes to our friends and families. We use our social media platforms to fundraise by sharing the donate link, talking about our journey and sending thank you notes to all of the people who donate to our fundraiser.


Team Wesley 


Our Lucy spent three months in the McMaster Children’s Hospital NICU, and during that time our family spent several weeks at RMHCSCO next door. After she was discharged, we knew we wanted to give back to the organization in any way that we could moving forward. The unwavering generosity of the organization, in addition to the care and compassion of the people who work and volunteer for RMHC, is both genuine and unparalleled. We know firsthand that every dollar does go towards helping families who cannot be with their little ones, and we are forever grateful to RMHCSCO for the hard work and dedication that they put towards keeping families close!





did you know that every $160 raised provides 1 night of comfort to our families?


Share Your Challenge

1 in 4 Canadians have stayed at a Ronald McDonald House or know someone who has. Share your journey with your supportive network. 

  • Let your friends know you are fundraising by sending out a request for support to your e-mail list AND, look good doing it by using our e-mail signature template!
  • Get social - whether you're an individual, team, previous family or RMHCSCO volunteer, you can find e-mail and social templates below! Don’t forget to share a link to your fundraising page in your posts! In addition... 
    • Tag us @RMHCSCO and use #FootstepsForFamilies so that we can see what's happening!
    • Take a selfie while you’re fundraising and share why you support the House.
    • Share your story - if you have a RMHCSCO story, share it with your network to show the impact of how donations can help families.


Print off our handy dandy Pledge Form if you plan on collecting offline donations! Remember to submit electronically to by midnight on June 24th, 2022 (extended from June 20th, 2022!)
Looking to recruit team members, or ask for donations in support of your Team? Use our e-mail templates to start, or draft your own e-mails using our e-mail signature banners - recruiting your team & asking for donations.
Our friends at McDonald's prepared a step-by-step challenge to raise $1,000 in 10 days for McHappy Day - why not try something similar for Footsteps for Families?! 
RMHCSCO Logo & Footsteps Logos to use during your fundraising efforts! Good luck!


social media templates


Help [Team Name] achieve our fundraising goal for #FootstepsForFamilies in support of @RMHCSCO! [We’re/I’m] raising money in support of over 700 families that stay at the House each year. Support [my/our] goal of [$] at


Our favourite thing about @RMHCSCO is [share your experience]. This year we are fundraising as [Team Name]. They were there for us when we needed it most and this year we are excited to join #FootstepsForFamilies and support families just like us. Support our goal of [$] at


My favourite thing about volunteering @RMHCSCO is [share your experience]. This year I am so excited to join #FootstepsForFamilies on [Team Name] and support the families at the House! Did you know that over 700 families stay at the House each year? Support my goal of [$] at



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